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Make a Statement with Distraction Markers

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Modern offices are designed with open floor plans in mind. Large windows and glass walls are architectural features that add to the sleek and modern office environment that many desire. However, a crystal clear glass wall can pose some problems. When employees or clients move around the office space, clean transparent glass can be easy to overlook, which can result in people unknowingly walking into the glass. This is not only a safety concern, but could also have liability implications. Not to mention, the clarity of the glass completely eliminates privacy. Distraction markers offer a simple, stylish solution to these common concerns.

What Are Distraction Markers?

Distraction markers, also known as safety markers, are graphics that can be applied directly to clear glass surfaces to make them easier to see, promoting safety and style. From different shapes and stripes to your company’s logo, there are endless possibilities for enhancing transparent glass walls and doors with distraction markers. The benefits range from meeting building codes to improving interior aesthetics.

Benefits of Distraction Safety Markers

Comply with Building Codes

Do you know the building codes of your city? Some cities and states require offices to mark their glass using distraction markers. According to the New York State Department of Labor, public and commercial buildings in New York must reasonably mark transparent glass doors and adjacent transparent glass to prevent injuries. With distraction markers, you can successfully meet the building codes of your city.

Increase the Safety of Your Workplace

Municipalities create building codes in order to ensure the safety of occupants within the building. With this in mind, the use of distraction markers can make your space safer for those within it. While it might seem humorous on television when a character walks into a seemingly invisible glass door, in reality this represents a genuine safety concern. Walking full force into transparent glass can cause injury. When distraction markers are applied to glass walls and doors, it will drastically decrease the likelihood of the glass going unnoticed by those walking by.

Reduce the Likelihood of Damage

If someone happens to collide with a glass wall or door, not only can they potentially harm themselves, but they can also cause damage to the glass. If this is the case, it’s likely that a glazier will have to come to completely replace the glass surface. This endeavor can be costly, time-consuming, and disruptive to business operations. With distraction markers, you’ll avoid the situation as a whole, saving money and time.

Customize Your Office Space

Do you wish to bring a unique element of design to your space, but aren’t sure where to start? Or perhaps you’re considering incorporating your brand more frequently throughout the office. No matter what your vision is, distraction markers can bring it to life. From patterns and stripes to logos and custom cut graphics, the design options are limitless. Browse our Gallery page for ideas on how you can transform your workplace into your dream office!

Distraction markers not only improve the aesthetics of your space, but can also prove to be a beneficial safety measure that protects occupants. Prepare your space, protect your employees and visitors, and beautify interiors with safety markers. Contact us today for a no obligation estimate.

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