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Why Your Space Needs Low E Window Film

In Solar Window Films by New York Window Film

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Restaurants, retail stores, offices, and more, no matter what your commercial space is, you put a lot into it. Time, hard work, and of course, money, all go into maintaining your space to allow business operations to continue and to keep occupants comfortable and safe. While there are many upgrades you can make to your property, there’s one architectural solution that will improve your surroundings in more ways than one: Low E Window Film.

What is Low E Window Film?

Low E, or low emissivity, refers to a surface that emits low levels of thermal heat. When the sun penetrates glass windows, solar radiation can heat up the interior of your space. This often causes occupant discomfort, especially in the summertime. At the other extreme, poorly insulated windows can cause chilly interior temperatures in the winter by allowing manmade heat to escape through the glass.

With this in mind, low E window film helps reduce the emissivity of glass, improving its overall insulation. The result? Energy efficiency and savings all year long.

Invest in Low E Window Film for…

Improved Efficiency & Comfort

While windows bring the benefit of natural light and outdoor views, they can also be detrimental to the energy efficiency of your space. From hot spots in the summertime to chilly interior temperatures in the winter, poorly insulated windows are a primary contributor to building inefficiency and a major source of occupant discomfort. Low e window film improves both sun control and insulating abilities of windows, leading to improved energy efficiency and comfort no matter the season.

Increased Savings

Poorly insulated windows not only create uncomfortable interior temperatures but can also cause energy bills to skyrocket. As HVAC systems work hard to maintain the set temperature, that hard work seems to go literally out the window. In turn, energy bills increase. Not to mention, inefficient windows can also lead to excessive wear and tear on HVAC systems, driving up maintenance frequency and cost. With low e window film, improved insulation and heat control properties help to maintain stable interior temperatures, which results in lower energy bills.

Ultraviolet Ray Protection

Over time, hardwood floors, furniture, and artwork fade. The leading cause? Longterm exposure to ultraviolet rays. UV rays from the sun enter in through windows, causing irreversible sun bleaching and damage to interiors over time. In addition to causing fading of flooring and furnishings, UV rays can also cause harm to occupants’ skin. Low e window film protects occupants and interiors by blocking up to 99% of UV rays, allowing you to welcome the sunlight while mitigating the risks of fading and skin damage.

When considering upgrades you can make to your space, low-e window films present a cost-effective way to address a variety of issues. Lower energy bills while improving the comfort and safety of occupants year-round. When you invest in low-e window film, you’re investing in the improvement of your space.

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