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Reduce Energy Costs & Enhance Occupant Comfort

In the workplace, natural light and open floor plans are important for a positive work environment that also fosters collaboration. Although an office with expansive windows is highly desirable so the sunlight can accompany you while you work, there are a few setbacks we don’t often think about. Windows permit a variety of negative side effects, such as bothersome glare, hot spots in the summer, and potentially cool drafts in the winter. Because of these uncomfortable temperatures, HVAC systems work hard to ensure that inside temperatures remain consistent. In doing so, this can result in long-term wear and tear on your unit and increase energy bills. A simple solution that tackles both uncomfortable temperatures and excessive energy consumption is window film. With window film, you can welcome in the sun’s light without the negative side effects. Rejecting up to 99% of UV rays and regulating temperatures year-round, window film is the perfect solution for those who can’t give up the sun’s light, but also want to cut back on energy costs and enhance the comfort of occupants.

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Invest in Your Building’s Protection

You invest a lot into your commercial space, so it’s only right that you invest the same amount of care into the protection of it as well. While you can’t completely eliminate any unwanted events from happening, with Safety and Security Film, you can ensure that your building is ready for events such as break-ins, natural disasters, bomb blasts, and more. Since we can’t predict when events like this happen, window film is a simple way to prepare your building for the worst-case scenario. With Safety and Security Window Film, windows receive an extra layer of protection, holding the glass in place should it ever be shattered. In addition to Safety and Security Window Film, Anti-Graffiti Window Film can be used for easy clean-up in the event of vandalism. Prepare your space now, so you can rest assured that it’s ready for whatever comes its way.

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Enhance Your Environment & Cultivate Privacy

In the workplace, collaboration is valued to foster a positive work environment. Open floor plans over cubicles and lots of natural light over a dark closed-off space, although beneficial, can also result in less privacy. While cubicles and curtains could be used to create private spaces, it can also close off your office space, ruining the collaborative environment. With decorative window film, you can create a sense of privacy in areas such as conference rooms, without closing off your space and blocking natural light. With a variety of textures, patterns, and colors, there is a decorative window film that is perfect for your space. Not only can they create privacy in the office, but they can also enhance the aesthetics of your space. Whether you want a custom-designed decorative film featuring your company’s logo, or a frosted film to keep a conference room private, the options are endless with commercial window film.

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