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As a business owner in New York City, you likely stay informed and compliant with all local laws. But the newest law, Local Law 97 or LL97, which mandates reducing the carbon footprint of buildings larger than 25,000 square feet, can be overwhelming – especially if you’re unsure how to meet compliance. Fortunately, 3M Window Film provides an easy solution that will help you achieve local law compliance while providing benefits to your building and its occupants! Let’s explore further what makes 3M Window Film such an attractive choice for windows in commercial buildings around NYC.

Overview of Local Law 97 and the NYC Carbon Footprint Mandate

Local Law 97 aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in buildings by 40% by 2030 and 80% by 2050 – a critical and much-needed step toward tackling climate change. Failure to comply with the law could result in fines. But what does that mean for you?

In essence, it requires you to measure your building’s carbon footprint and take steps to reduce it. This might include upgrades to heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems, insulation, lighting, and more. But don’t worry – the city is here to help, with rebates and incentives available for those who take action. So, whether you’re a seasoned building owner or just getting started, ensure you’re up to speed on Local Law 97. Remember, every small step towards a greener future makes a difference, and 3M Window Film can help! 

Benefits of Using 3M Window Film to Meet Local Law Compliance

With 3M Window Film, you can easily achieve compliance with Local Law 97 while also improving the overall performance and comfort of your building. In addition, 3M Window Film offers numerous benefits beyond carbon footprint reduction, including lower energy costs, improved comfort, and more. 

Improve Your Building’s Energy Efficiency in a Non-Disruptive Manner

Heat gain and loss through windows creates fluctuations in temperature, putting a strain on HVAC systems and using more energy. Luckily, 3M Window Film can reject heat in warmer months and retain heat in the winter by improving the insulating ability of windows. Not to mention, window film offers a cost-effective and non-disruptive solution compared to replacing poorly insulated windows. As a result, you’ll improve your building’s energy efficiency in a timely fashion. Moreover, this helps reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere, contributing to a healthier planet overall.  

Lower Energy Bills

By taking some of the strain off of a building’s HVAC system, window film installation leads to lower energy costs and can add years to the life of  HVAC systems. Not to mention, the return on investment on window film can be as little as three years! By investing in the energy efficiency of your building, you may be lowering energy costs as a whole.

Improve Occupant Comfort

Not only can window film help you improve energy efficiency and lower costs, but it can also improve occupant comfort. By rejecting heat in the summer and retaining manmade heat in the winter, window film creates more comfortable interiors for occupants. Not to mention, window film can also reject bothersome glare and protect against harmful UV rays, further enhancing interiors for occupants.

Add LEED Points to Your Building

The use of window film can add points toward your building’s LEED certification. LEED (Leadership and Environmental Design) is a worldwide rating system that is used to grade the eco-friendliness of a building. So while achieving local law compliance, you can further contribute to the environment with window film via LEED certification. 

New York Window Film Can Help Install 3M Window Film in Your Building

3M Window Film is an effective and efficient way to reduce your carbon footprint and meet local law compliance. Plus, when you use a 3M Authorized Dealer like New York Window Film, the installation process is seamless and efficient. Our team specializes in installing 3M Window Film, offering a variety of solutions to fit your specific needs. If you’re looking to meet Local Law 97 compliance and improve the energy efficiency of your building, contact our team today For any additional questions please visit our FAQ page or contact our team today for more information. 
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