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Benefits of Bird Safety Film

Protect Avian Populations One Bird at a Time

Homeowners and commercial building owners alike appreciate windows for the natural light and stunning views they provide. But when it comes to your windows, it’s not all sunshine and roses. One of the pitfalls of large windows is the threat they pose to bird populations. 

According to the American Bird Conservancy, it’s estimated that up to one billion birds are killed each year in building collisions. Windows can be difficult for birds to see, particularly when the windows are large, the glass is reflective, or when the building is surrounded by trees. As urban development expands into more suburban and rural areas, birds are increasingly coming into contact with buildings and the risk to avian populations is rising. Bird safety window film offers an affordable and unobtrusive solution for homeowners and commercial building owners hoping to create bird-safe windows.

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Maintain Your Views and Your Architectural Aesthetic

Bird safety films are designed to be inconspicuous so they won’t noticeably alter the appearance of your home or building. These films are available in a variety of subtle patterns, including stripes, dots, geometric and frosted finishes. The patterns are sufficient for the birds to identify and avoid your windows, but understated enough that they won’t obscure your spectacular views.

Mitigate the Risk of Property Damage

While the primary goal of bird safety films is to prevent injury or fatality for the birds, there is an additional benefit to property owners. By discouraging bird-window collisions, you also avoid potential damage to your property. Not to mention, you can rest assured knowing that you’re taking an important step toward making your home or building environmentally friendly.

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