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How to Protect Your Home for a Safe Holiday Season

In Safety & Security Window Films by New York Window Film

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Every 15 seconds a home burglary occurs in the U.S. Unfortunately, the “most wonderful time of the year” is also a time in which residential break-ins have been known to increase. People are out of the house shopping or out of town for the holidays, giving burglars the perfect opportunity to strike! Not to mention, with the holidays comes gifts, oftentimes expensive ones, giving burglars an extra incentive to break in. While Home Alone is a great holiday movie with a happy outcome, leave the break-ins for the movies. This year, make sure to take extra steps to protect your home so you and your family can enjoy a safe holiday season.

Don’t Post Your Plans

While it’s tempting to let everyone know on Instagram or Facebook if you’re going on a tropical vacation this holiday season, try to hold back! Even if you’re just going to a fun holiday party for the evening, try not to share anything on social media until you are back home. You never know who might be looking at your social media pages, especially if your accounts aren’t private. In fact, 65.1% of people know their thieves personally! Should someone know you and your family aren’t around, they may see it as an opportunity to break in. Share your fun pictures from your event or your trip once you’ve arrived home safe and sound!

Make it Look Like Someone’s Home, Even if No One Is

A home that looks empty is an open invitation for burglars. Whether you’re home or not, try to make it look like someone is there! Leave some lights on or set your lights on a timer to make it look as if the home is occupied. Get your packages off the front porch and keep up with your mail in the mailbox. If you happen to be out of town, ask a trusted neighbor or family member to collect mail and packages until your home! Don’t literally invite burglars to break in. Keep up with your home to deter criminals from breaking in.

Lock Your Doors and Windows

Did you know that 34% of burglars gain entry to homes by simply walking in the front door? No matter how safe you may feel your neighborhood is, you can never be too careful. One of the easiest ways to protect your home is by simply locking windows and doors! It’s a small step that can make a huge difference.

Unfortunately, while you can lock windows, that may not completely eliminate the possibility of an intruder gaining access to your space. If someone really wanted to break in, it would be simple to strike the window with a baseball bat or a crowbar and instantly have access to your home. Luckily, there’s a comprehensive solution that can help protect your home against this possibility — 3M Safety and Security Window Film.

Invest in 3M Safety and Security Window Film

3M Safety and Security Film adds an extra layer of virtually invisible protection to glass windows and doors. Acting as an adhesive, this film is specially designed to stretch rather than tear. Meaning, should the glass be struck, 3M Safety and Security Window Film holds the glass in place. This makes it difficult to penetrate the glass, potentially deterring a burglar from gaining entry. Not to mention, it can buy extra time for someone inside the home to react and call the police in the event of a break-in. Because it is virtually invisible, the appearance of your home’s exterior is left unchanged. In addition to break-ins, this film can protect your space from damage during natural disasters and bolster against bomb blasts.

When it comes to home safety, don’t simply hope for the best. Take the adequate steps to prepare, and let 3M Safety and Security Window Film do the rest of the work for you. Lock your doors, prepare your home, and ultimately, invest in 3M Safety and Security Window Film to protect your home not only during the holiday season but year-round.

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