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3 Ways to Update Your Space in 2022

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With a new year comes new beginnings! There’s no better time to update your home or office. If updating your space is something you tend to push down the road, there are many simple steps you can take to improve your home or office. Check out three ways to update your space in 2022.

Improve Energy Efficiency with 3M Sun Control Window Film

It’s no secret that energy efficiency has become important in both residential and commercial spaces. While there are plenty of energy-saving tips out there, one of the simplest ways to improve the energy efficiency of your space is with window film! 3M Sun Control Window Films can help regulate interior temperatures for improved comfort and energy savings. Add years onto the life of your HVAC system, while also saving on energy bills with window film. In fact, the benefits of 3M Sun Control Window Films are extensive, including:

Increase Protection with 3M Safety & Security Window Film

You invest a lot in your space, whether it’s residential or commercial. Therefore, it’s important to invest in the protection of both your property and those within it! An important way to update your space in 2022 is by increasing protection. With 3M Safety and Security Window Film, you can add a virtually invisible layer of protection to glass windows and doors. This window film is specially designed to stretch rather than tear. As a result, it can hold shattered glass in place should your windows and doors ever be struck. This impressive film not only prevents damage and harm caused by flying shards of glass, but it also buys extra time to react in the event of an emergency. 3M Safety and Security Window Film can:

  • Provide added protection in the event of a break-in
  • Bolster your building’s envelope in the event of inclement weather
  • Withstand the force of bomb blasts

Enhance Aesthetics & Create Subtle Privacy with 3M Decorative & Privacy Window Film

Are you looking to enhance the interior design of your space? While you could invest in new furniture, throw pillows, rugs, and wall art, there’s another unique way to add to the aesthetics of your space — 3M Decorative and Privacy Window Film. This window film comes in a variety of colors, textures, patterns, and finishes. It can be used throughout both homes and offices to add a unique element of design. Not to mention, it can also create subtle privacy without closing up your space and eliminating natural light! Why settle for bulky curtains and blinds that can eliminate natural light as a whole? 3M Decorative and Privacy Window Film can create a customized level of privacy, while enhancing the aesthetics in your home or office. Common applications of 3M Decorative and Privacy Window Film include:

  • Glass office walls
  • Front doors
  • Shower doors
  • Bathroom stalls
  • Garage windows
  • & more!

From improving energy efficiency to enhancing aesthetics, there are many different ways to update your space in 2022 using 3M Window Film. Depending on your end goal, our window film professionals at New York Window Film will help you find the perfect window film to improve your home or office.

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