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UV Protection for Indoor Furniture

In Solar Window Films by New York Window Film

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Beautiful fabric couches, shiny hardwood floors, and elegant artwork are all used to elevate the interiors of a home. With that being said, home decorating is no easy feat — on you or your wallet. It’s no secret that you likely spend a lot of money on furnishings and décor to ensure your interior design visions come to life. That’s why it’s important to preserve and protect your masterpiece! One of the most important places to start is with UV protection for indoor furniture.

UV Rays: Invisible, But Harmful

Many think ultraviolet rays are only a problem outdoors. However, you’d be surprised to know that they can actually enter indoors through windows! UV rays are the leading cause of fading in furnishings and floorings. They have the ability to break down chemical bonds and fade color. Not only can UV rays cause fading, but solar heat and visible light can also contribute to it as well. With that being said, windows can be problematic when it comes to preserving the life of furniture, flooring, and artwork.

Take Steps to Protect Your Furnishings

Don’t let your investments go unprotected! There are many steps you can take to ensure UV protection for indoor furniture. A simple solution to minimize UV damage is proper furniture placement. While it’s impossible to completely remove furnishings from the sun’s light, you can ensure certain objects aren’t touched by direct sun for long periods of time. Additionally, you can spray fabrics with UV protectant spray. There are many brands of UV protectant spray that can be used on curtains, rugs, couches, loveseats, and more. Lastly, curtains and blinds can mitigate some of the impact from UV rays.

However, solutions like curtains and blinds aren’t 100% effective when it comes to UV protection. Not to mention, in order for them to block any UV rays they have to also block the sun’s light from your space! You shouldn’t have to choose between the protection of your furnishings and a naturally lit space. With window film, you can achieve both.

Let In the Light, Without the Harm with Window Film

With window film, you don’t have to reposition your furniture or block out the sun’s light with curtains and blinds. Window film like 3M Prestige Series Window Film can reject up to 99.9% of ultraviolet rays, while still allowing 40% to 70% of the sun’s light into your space. Add years onto the life of furniture, flooring, and artwork by minimizing fading. Not only can window film protect your furnishings, but it can also protect the skin of occupants in your space! In addition to UV protection, window film also reduces glare, rejects heat, and helps lower energy bills.

Preserve and extend the life of indoor furniture by minimizing the harm of UV rays. Window film allows you to maintain a beautiful home, welcoming sunlight and protecting against UV rays. Contact a team member at New York Window Film to find the perfect sun control window film for your space.

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