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How to Reduce Glare

In Solar Window Films by New York Window Film

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When you’re watching TV at home or working on your computer in the office, there’s nothing worse than when the sun casts a glare across your screen. Glare can reduce visibility and interfere with a person’s ability to perform tasks or see clearly indoors. Unfortunately, glare from the sun is often worse in the winter due to the sun’s angle being lower on the horizon. Not to mention, with fewer leaves on the trees, the sun’s glare isn’t as likely to be blocked. This means that more direct light can enter through windows, resulting in unpleasant brightness levels. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce glare and make spaces more comfortable not only during the winter months but year-round.

Traditional Ways To Reduce Glare 

One way to adjust for glare is by rearranging furniture. Reorganizing furniture can reduce the likelihood that glare will cast across technology screens, making your space more comfortable and productive. For example, if bright light coming in through a window affects the visibility of a television or computer screen, rearranging furniture so that this light isn’t directly hitting the screen can reduce the impact of glare significantly. Additionally, adding blinds or curtains can also reduce glare by blocking sunlight from entering a home directly.

Improve Comfort & More with Glare-Reducing Window Film 

While traditional solutions like blinds or curtains can certainly help mitigate glare, they eliminate the sunlight and views windows allow. Not to mention, rearranging rooms in your house every time glare is a problem is time-consuming. What if we told you there’s a passive solution that can eliminate glare, reject heat, and protect against UV rays — without eliminating sunlight? Enter glare-reducing window film!

Window film offers glare reduction without eliminating sunlight and outdoor views. It is designed to decrease the amount of direct sunlight that enters a room, improving occupant comfort and visibility. With glare-reducing window film, you’ll get the best of both worlds: a sunlit space without the bothersome glare!

Additional Benefits of Window Film

Not only does window film reduce glare, but it also rejects the sun’s heat, creating more comfortable interior temperatures and even boosting energy efficiency. Regulated indoor temperatures mean the HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard, improving overall efficiency and ultimately lowering energy bills.  Window film also protects furniture from harmful UV rays, the leading cause of fading. Not to mention, it can even protect occupants’ skin! For a comprehensive solution that can reject glare, heat, and UV rays, consider investing in window film!

Overall, dealing with glare from the sun can be difficult during winter months, but there are ways of reducing its intensity – making it more comfortable for people spending time indoors. Solutions like window film can help reduce glare while still providing natural illumination without having to worry about overexposure or uncomfortable levels of brightness inside one’s space.  We offer a variety of window film solutions to help reduce glare, improve occupant comfort, and more. Not sure where to start? A member of our team will work with you to find the perfect film for your home or office! Contact us today to learn more.

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