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Does Window Security Film Work?

Yes, security window films protect occupants and property by delaying entry to the home or building. When an intruder shoots, hammers, or swings at the glass, the window will not fall apart if security film is installed. Security film holds the glass together even if it breaks, so the intruder will have significant difficulty creating a hole big enough to climb through in order to gain entry. In many instances, a would-be intruder will give up and leave when faced with the challenges and the delay presented by security film. 

While security film is NOT bulletproof, it does provide protection above and beyond traditional windows. When time is of the essence, security window film delays the intruder from entering, potentially buying enough time to save a life. Even a few extra seconds can be enough time to get to safety or for emergency personnel to arrive. 

In addition to offering protection against crime, security films also provide enhanced safety for occupants during severe weather events, natural disasters, bomb blasts, and other unexpected events. The same technology underlies this enhanced safety; by holding the glass together, window film reduces the risk of injury due to broken shards of glass. 

The Best Security Window Films

New York Window Film offers a number of safety and security films for residential and commercial applications. The best security film will depend on your goals, space, and budget, but the following are popular choices: 

  • 3M Safety & Security Films protect people and property against break-ins, bomb blasts, natural disasters, and other unexpected events. Because of its tear-resistant properties, security window film helps to hold the glass in place in the event that it’s shattered, reducing the likelihood of damage and injury from flying shards of glass. 
  • 3M Anti-graffiti Film reduces the burden of graffiti mitigation with an easily removable protective film. If your windows are targeted by vandals, simply remove the anti-graffiti film to reveal a clean, unmarred glass surface underneath. 
  • Bird Safety Films deter bird collisions with subtle patterns that won’t detract from your views. 
  • Distraction Markers prevent injury of occupants while enhancing the aesthetics of your workspace. For commercial buildings, distraction markers are recommended in order to comply with current building safety code.