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Does Window Film Prevent Fading?

Unfortunately, nothing can completely stop the fading of your furnishings over time. This is because fading factors such as humidity, other visible light, colorfastness of fabrics, and other factors also contribute to fading. However, with window film you can reduce fading anywhere from 40% to 75% depending on the film you choose and still enjoy a beautiful view out of your windows. For example, with a UV window film installed, instead of seeing the signs of carpet fade in 5 years, you might notice it in 15 years. 

Benefits of UV Window Film

UV blocking window film offers a number benefits that make it our most popular product for homeowners, and a great choice for commercial spaces as well.  

  • Fade prevention – UV window films protect your interior surfaces against the cumulative fading effects of prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays. By reducing the speed of fading, window film extends the lifespan of your flooring, furniture, decor, and artwork, keeping your space looking like new and saving you money on replacement costs. 
  • Keep the natural light and your views – Unlike common alternatives like drapes, curtains, and blinds, UV window film selectively filters the sun’s damaging UV rays while allowing visible light to enter. This means you can continue to enjoy natural light and the views out of your glass while deterring premature fading. 
  • Skin protection – In addition to protecting your floors and furnishings, UV window film also saves your skin from exposure to damaging UV rays. Most people don’t even think about sun exposure while they’re indoors, but the sun’s rays can still wreak havoc on your skin when you’re inside. That’s why the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends window film as an effective tool for protecting yourself against the harmful effects of sun exposure. 

Many of our window film products offer some degree of UV protection. If fading is one of your primary concerns, visit our sun control page to learn more about our top performing UV window films