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The Benefits of Natural Light

In Solar Window Films by New York Window Film

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When the days are shorter in the winter, many dream of spring and summer days full of sunlight; this is not only a personal preference! In fact, natural light provides an extensive list of benefits, including boosted mood, sleep quality, and productivity. However, while natural light benefits both homes and offices, there are a few drawbacks. Luckily, 3M Window Film can help you reap the benefits of natural light while combating any adverse side effects.

Natural Lighting Can…

Improve Your Mood

Have you ever felt unmotivated, tired, or simply not yourself during the winter? Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that occurs when the seasons change, typically in winter when people don’t get enough sunlight. SAD impacts about 6% of the population. About 14% of the population feels “down” during the winter, but at a less debilitating level than those with SAD.

Scientists believe that serotonin (the happy hormone) increases when the days become longer, and people are exposed to more sunlight! We all celebrate when the sun stays up in the sky longer in the spring and summer months. Some psychiatrists even recommend that those with depression go outside for 30 minutes a day to boost serotonin levels.

Help You Sleep Better

Exposure to natural light improves your mood, but it can also improve your sleep quality! Office workers are often at risk for lower quality sleep because they may not be exposed to enough natural light during the workday. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found that workers in window-filled offices who received more natural light exposure during the day slept about 46 minutes more each night than those who work in an environment without windows. So for a good night of sleep, be sure to enjoy some sun on your face during the day!

Increase Productivity

There’s nothing less inspiring than a dimly lit office with a lack of windows. A study conducted by Alan Hedge, a professor in the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis at Cornell, found that natural light can boost workers’ productivity. Workers in offices with optimized natural light reported an 84% drop in eye strain, headaches, and blurred vision, which can detract from productivity. Additionally, the study found that workers sitting near a window reported a 2% increase in productivity. An office that optimizes its level of natural light can improve the wellbeing of workers, in turn increasing productivity.

Boost Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps your body build and maintain healthy bones, supports immune health, brain cell activity, and muscle function. You can increase your vitamin D levels by exposure to sunlight! Unfortunately, many Americans have a vitamin D deficiency due to a lack of sun exposure. With that said, go outside for a walk, read a book, or simply take in your outdoor surroundings to boost your vitamin D levels!

The Downside of Natural Lighting

It’s evident that natural light has numerous benefits that improve mood, health, and sleep. However, there’s a catch. A naturally lit home or office typically is achieved through a plethora of windows. Unfortunately, windows bring a long list of downsides. The sunlight through windows can cause bothersome glare, welcome harmful ultraviolet rays, and create uncomfortable interior temperatures. In fact, on warm days, the windows can create hot spots in your space.

In the winter, inefficient windows can have difficulty retaining manmade heat. The result is occupant discomfort, excessive wear and tear on HVAC systems, and increased energy bills. Homeowners and business owners are now faced with a decision: is a naturally lit space worth enduring the negative side effects? What if you didn’t have to choose? With window film, you don’t have to.

The Solution? Window Film

3M Window Film allows you to enjoy the benefits of a naturally lit space while addressing the negative side effects that windows create. For example, UV rays are the leading cause of fading in furnishings and flooring. Solar window film rejects up to 99% of UV rays, minimizing fading and protecting occupants’ skin. Additionally, window film can help regulate interior temperatures, improve occupant comfort, and boost energy efficiency. Not to mention, this helps add years onto the life of HVAC systems, saving you money in the long run. Lastly, window film reduces glare, further increasing occupant comfort.

With 3M Window Film, you can enjoy natural lighting without the negative side effects. A team member at New York Window Film can help you discover the perfect sun control window film to address the needs of your space. From the 3M Prestige Series to the 3M Night Vision Series, there are many films to choose from, and we’re here to make the process easy. Contact us for more information!

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