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Should You Use Blinds or Window Film?

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The warm, sunny weather that we’ve been waiting for is finally here! However, the sunny weather has some minor setbacks. Typically, after time in the sun, we seek shelter in the comfort of our air-conditioned spaces. Unfortunately, even when we’re inside, the sun can still cause trouble in the form of bothersome glare, damaging UV rays, and uncomfortable temperatures. As a result, homeowners and business owners alike must find a solution to provide relief from the sun’s negative side effects. That’s where a common question comes in — should you use blinds or window film?

Sunlight: A Double-Edged Sword

It’s no secret that many desire a naturally lit space featuring large windows with outdoor views. While the natural light provided by the sun is highly desirable, it can lead to trouble in your space. For instance, the sun can enter through windows, leading to uncomfortable hot spots. As a result, one might crank the AC to create a more comfortable temperature, which in turn, can increase energy bills! Not to mention, when the sun’s light enters your space, it can cast a bothersome glare on technology screens. Aside from discomfort, the sun’s light also brings with it an invisible threat: ultraviolet rays. UV rays are the leading cause of fading in furniture, flooring, and artwork. Not to mention, they can even harm the skin of occupants within your space. Now you’re faced with a choice: should you use blinds or window film?

Pros & Cons of Blinds


Blinds are oftentimes the first solution people think about when it comes to sun control. After all, they do an effective job of shading your space from the sun’s light. Not to mention, you can easily open and close them to welcome light or block a majority of it out. Additionally, with blinds, you can reduce the glare from the sun by preventing it from entering your space as a whole. Blinds also create complete privacy within your space and can be an effective solution for minimizing the sun’s light.


While blinds do an effective job at eradicating light and glare, they completely close off your space, eliminating the natural light and outdoor views that so many enjoy. Not to mention, blinds can be tedious to clean. Blinds also don’t address problems like temperature control and ultraviolet rays. While blinds reduce visible light, most don’t reject solar heat. Additionally, they don’t block UV rays, which can cause interiors to fade. You shouldn’t have to choose between sun control, natural lighting, and views. With a solution like window film, you can have it all.

Window Film: A Comprehensive Sun Control Solution

Window film addresses issues like glare, uncomfortable temperatures, and UV rays, all while allowing natural light to enter your space. With window film, you will experience increased comfort. Its heat-rejecting abilities let sunlight in without creating uncomfortable hot spots. Window film can improve insulation to achieve comfortable temperatures and lower energy bills year-round. Not to mention, it has the ability to reject glare, minimizing eye strain.

Window film also blocks damaging UV rays, adding years to the life of furnishings. In fact, products like 3M Prestige Window Film reject up to 99.9% of UV rays to reduce fading in furnishings. The best part about window film is its ability to minimize the sun’s negative side effects, without eliminating sunlight as a whole. 3M offers a variety of sun control window films to address the specific needs of your space!

When deciding whether you should use blinds or window film, it’s important to consider what your end goal is. If complete privacy and minimized sunlight are your main concerns, blinds may be a better option for your space. However, if you’re looking for a comprehensive sun control solution that won’t eliminate natural light, consider 3M Sun Control Window Film! Learn more about our sun control window film products like 3M Prestige Window Film and 3M Night Vision Window Film.

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