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Protect Birds from Windows with Bird Safety Film

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Picture this: you’re sitting silently in your home or office when suddenly, you hear a thud against the window! When you see what may have caused this commotion, you may find a bird. The instance is not only startling and, when done repeatedly, annoying, but it’s also harmful to both the window and the bird. Learn how to protect birds from windows while keeping your windows unharmed with bird safety film.

Birds & Windows

In recent years, buildings and homes with expansive glass windows have become an increasingly popular architectural feature. Business owners and homeowners likely try to keep these windows cleaned and clear. While this certainly upholds a sleek exterior, it can confuse the avian population. Birds fly into windows because they perceive the reflection as actual objects, causing them to collide with the glass.

Sometimes, birds are only temporarily stunned after a collision and can fly away. However, not all are this lucky. In fact, the Smithsonian reported that between 365 million and 1 billion birds die each year in the U.S. due to window collisions. Windows not only cause harm to birds, but when a collision occurs, birds can cause harm to your windows! Luckily, bird safety film can help protect birds from windows while also protecting your windows from damage.

Bird Safety Film: How Does it Work?

Bird Safety Film is designed to be installed on windows to ensure they are noticeable to the avian population. These films are available in subtle patterns like dots, stripes, and frosted finishes. While these films make your windows apparent to birds, they are meant to be inconspicuous to the human population so that the appearance of your home or office isn’t drastically changed.

By investing in bird safety film, you’re not only protecting birds from windows but also protecting your windows from damage. Should a bird strike your window, it may result in the need for repair or even replacement. This is not only costly but may displace people or employees. With bird safety film, you can keep your windows safe while taking the essential step to protect birds.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of bird safety film, talk to one of our window film experts today! Save the birds and protect your windows.

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