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What is the Best Window Film?

Window films are available in many different grades, shades, colors, and thicknesses to offer solutions to a variety of challenges. The best window film will depend on your particular space, goals, and budget.  

The Best Window Film for Office Spaces

For commercial buildings, we recommend installing distraction markers using frosted film in order to comply with current building safety code. Solid bands are also an option! Another product we recommend for commercial applications is Casper Cloaking Film, which obscures digital screens from outside view. This film is a great option for adding privacy to glass-walled conference rooms or offices. With Casper Cloaking Film, you can achieve the perfect balance of privacy and openness in your commercial space.  

Safety and security films are another popular window film for commercial applications. While you can’t completely eliminate any unwanted events from happening, with safety and security film, you can prepare your building for worst-case scenario events such as break-ins, natural disasters, bomb blasts, and more. Security films give your glass an extra layer of protection by holding the glass in place should the window ever be broken. This maintains the building envelope to deter unauthorized entry and protects occupants from the safety hazards posed by broken glass shards. 

The Best Window Film for Homes

For residential homes, UV protection film is by far the most popular window film. UV-blocking window film lets you enjoy your home more comfortably without the concerns of glare, heat, fading, and sun exposure on your skin. Additionally, these solar films are available in multiple levels, so you can select the level of tint that best suits your needs. Click here to explore our UV-blocking sun control films

With hundreds of window films to choose from, the sheer volume of options can be overwhelming for many homeowners and business owners seeking a solution for their windows. That’s why we recommend working with a professional to identify the best window film solution for your particular property and concerns. We can recommend the best window film solution for you. Give us a call to speak to an expert today.