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Is Window Film Energy Efficient?

Yes, window film is energy efficient! Window film is an eco-friendly, cost-effective tool for increasing the energy efficiency of your home or building. When applied to the inside of your windows, this product reduces the amount of sun glare, heat and ultraviolet rays that enter through your windows, decreasing your need for energy-consuming air conditioning. 

If you’re looking to go green without the time, expense, and disruption of replacing your existing windows, consider window film for energy efficient windows. By controlling the amount and type of light from the sun that passes through your windows and into your building or home, window film helps to maintain a more consistent temperature indoors. This reduces the demand on your heating and cooling systems, in turn reducing both your energy costs and your property’s carbon footprint. While heavy drapes or curtains can provide energy savings benefits by reducing heat gain through your glass, they will block out all incoming light from the sun and occlude your views. That’s why many homeowners and commercial property owners choose window film for improving the energy efficiency of their windows. 

The Best Window Films for Energy Efficiency

There are many different types of window film designed to address a variety of challenges, and some products are more effective than others at improving energy efficiency. If reducing your building’s energy consumption and lowering your energy costs is your primary concern, we recommend exploring our solar window films, including: 

  • 3M Prestige provides ultimate sun control – high transmission of natural light without the heat, glare and UV exposure.
  • 3M Night Vision film features low interior reflectivity to enhance visibility so you can enjoy your views, even at night.

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