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How Long Will Window Film Last?

Most window films last about 15 years when installed by a professional installer. The effective life of window tint will vary by the type of film, type of glass, window construction, orientation of glass, and in which part of the world the film is being used. There are documented cases of film lasting 12-18 years or more in some instances.  

Additionally, each window film manufacturing company offers different warranties depending on which film you choose. VISTA/LLUMAR is a quality window film for residential and commercial use and is warranted by Eastman Chemical for a minimum of 10 years, and in residential settings, for the lifetime of that glass. 3M offers warranties for their window films, with most commercial films covered by a 10-15 year warranty and most residential films covered by a limited lifetime warranty.  

Warranty terms vary depending on the manufacturer and the type of film. Most window film warranties are comprehensive and will cover the following defects if they arise during the warranty period: 

  • cracking, crazing, or peeling 
  • blistering, bubbling, or delaminating from the glass 
  • discoloration 

When you invest in a quality window film and partner with a certified installer to perform the installation, you can rest assured that your film will perform for many years to come.  

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