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How Do You Clean Window Film?

Newly installed window film has a 30-day curing period, during which it is recommended to NOT wash it. After that curing period, you may clean your filmed glass the same way you wash unfilmed glass:  

  • You can use Windex, GlassPlus, or any ammonia-based product.  
  • You must use a SOFT cloth or paper towel, or a rubber squeegee.  
  • You CANNOT use any abrasive materials or razor blades, as these tools will damage your film. 

Window Film Cleaning Technique

Below is a technique you can use to clean windows with film. If you have a rubber squeegee on hand, that would be a helpful tool to use in step 6!  

  1. Start by wetting a soft cleaning cloth or sponge and wringing it out.  
  1. Thoroughly spray the surface of your window with your ammonia-based cleaning solution. 
  1. Use your damp cloth to clean the surface of the glass, applying gentle pressure as needed to remove smudges, fingerprints, and grime.  
  1. Thoroughly rinse your cloth with water to remove the cleaning solution.  
  1. Use the cloth to rinse any remaining solution from the window surface.  
  1. Starting at the top and working your way down the window, dry the glass in horizontal passes using a dry, lint-free cloth with gentle pressure. 

Helpful Tips

Some additional tips that will help you avoid frustrations or damage while cleaning your window film: 

  • We recommend using a separate cleaning cloth for the inside and outside of the window. On a similar note, do not use the same cleaning cloth that you use on your window film to wipe down your window sills or frames. 
  • Do not apply heavy pressure to the film when cleaning it.  
  • For best results, don’t leave your film wet after cleaning. 

As you can see, cleaning your window film is fairly low-maintenance and does not require any special products or chemicals. You likely have all the supplies you need in your home or office already – all you need is a clean, soft cloth and Windex!