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Elevate Home Interior Design with Window Film

In Decorative Window Films by New York Window Film

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Expansive windows and glass doors are a staple in recent architectural trends. The modern look allows for a sleek appearance while creating a bright, open space. However, the inherent transparency of glass makes privacy challenging to achieve. Not to mention, excess glass can appear redundant and lackluster. Luckily, you can enjoy an open and bright space while enhancing privacy and home interior design with decorative window film!

What is Decorative Window Film?

Decorative and Privacy Window Film is applied to existing glass surfaces and is available in various textures, patterns, colors, and opacity levels. The variety allows you to completely customize your space, whether you want to add a unique design element or enhance privacy. In addition to creating privacy and boosting aesthetics, these films still welcome natural light into your space! 3M Fasara and Crystal Glass Finishes are the perfect solution for balancing a naturally lit space with privacy while transforming traditional glass into a beautiful visual spectacle. Learn how you can use these products throughout your home to elevate interior design while creating confidentiality where necessary.

Front Doors

Glass front doors or front doors with windows give passersby a view into your home. This can pose a problem when it comes to safety and security. Increase privacy while adding a unique element of design with decorative glass finishes! Opt for a frosted film to obscure all outdoor views while still enjoying the sun’s light. Or skew the ability of those to fully see inside your home with a patterned film.


Enhance privacy and design in your bathroom by using a frosted film on glass shower doors! Or, add to the look of your bathroom with a patterned film. This not only creates privacy where necessary but can also add to the overall look of your bathroom, creating a sleek, modern feel.

Bathroom Windows

Obscure the view of bathroom windows while enhancing interior design! Opt for a gradient film to improve privacy while adding to the plain glass windows. Or, select a tasteful pattern to create visual interest. In turn, you’ll enjoy both privacy and sunlight.

Glass Inlays in Cabinets

In kitchens, cabinets often have glass inlays. While this looks beautiful, it also means you have to keep the inside of your cabinets pretty tidy. Take interior design to the next level by using decorative glass finishes! This can obscure the view of whatever is in your cabinets while also adding to the ambiance of your kitchen.

Garage Windows

Garages are more than likely used for storage. As a result, it’s common for garages not to be the most organized spaces! Hide clutter and increase security by obscuring the view through windows with glass finishes. By boosting privacy, those outside won’t be able to see what belongings you may have in your garage. Not to mention, you can disguise clutter for a clean exterior appearance.

With 3M Fasara and Crystal Glass Finishes, you can elevate home interior design while creating a customized level of privacy in places that need it most. These films also allow you to enhance confidentiality and aesthetics without compromising a naturally lit space, as the sun’s light can still enter through even frosted films. Learn how to take interiors to the next level with decorative window film, and talk to a window film expert today!

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