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Many modern buildings are full of glass windows and doors, offering an open and airy feel. But clear glass can sometimes appear invisible, causing occupants to collide with the glass. This collision can result in injury to the individual and damage to the material. Protect occupants and avoid repair bills with distraction markers.

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The Potential Dangers of Clear Glass

Buildings with lots of glass are appreciated for the large amounts of natural light they provide. However, there are some dangers that come with having clear glass throughout your building. Glass conference room walls aren’t easily visible, which may cause occupants to walk right into the glass without even seeing it. Walking into glass is dangerous, as the material can easily break. This hazard can result in injury to building occupants and leave you with an expensive repair bill and a potential lawsuit.

Distraction markers are subtle patterns and textures that apply to glass, typically at eye level, making the substrate clearly visible to prevent accidental collisions. Because of their minimal design, distraction markers retain a building’s open feel while adding a hint of privacy and enhancing safety. Distraction bands can also be customized to elevate your branding throughout your building or to add a unique look.

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Prevent Injury & Damage from Collisions with Distraction Markers

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