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Reduce Avian Collisions with Bird Safety Window Film

Buildings and homes with lots of glass excel at letting in natural light. However, they’re a direct threat to birds. Birds frequently collide with windows due to the material’s reflective properties, causing injury or death. Do your part to protect the avian population by investing in bird safety film for your building.

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Building Collisions Kill Nearly One Billion Birds Every Year

The American Bird Conservancy estimates that nearly one billion birds are killed every year by colliding with buildings. It’s the leading cause of human-related avian deaths. Windows and glass reflect trees, the sky, and other surroundings, making them virtually invisible to flying birds. While some birds are only injured as a result of a building strike, many collisions are fatal.

Building owners can help protect the avian population by using bird safety window film. As an affordable and easy solution, bird safety window film uses subtle patterns to break up reflections and effectively reduce the number of avian collisions. Our expert window film installers can apply bird safety film to add protection to your home or building for years to come.

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Prevent Avian Injury & Death with Bird Safety Film

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